Movie Trailers for Dig In! Films 2012

For Dig In! we choose the most inspiring and uplifting food-and-farming documentary films we can find.

Many folks are waking up to how dysfunctional the industrial food system is. What is less-known is how many communities, farms, cities and individuals have developed brilliant and hopeful ways to grow local food systems…sometimes in unexpected directions. That’s what we want to show you on film. Because once inspired by creative and sustainable solutions—ones that support real farms, real food and local economies—who knows what wonderful things we can accomplish.


Talk about resilience and inspiration even in hard times: Detroit’s urban garden movement.

Special Thank you to the Omni Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology for sponsoring this film for Dig In!



This one is homegrown! Very pleased to be showing this one.



Love bees? Us too. This one is beautiful and will be shown at Dig In! 2012:




Truck Farm


What’s On Your Plate

A family-friendly film you will enjoy.


King Corn



The average age of US farmers is 55. Young farmers are so important. This film is about them.


The Economics of Happiness: Encore from Dig In! 2011

This film was a hit at our last festival and thanks to the Omni Center (who is also sponsoring Urban Roots) we are getting to show it again. Few films can depict the impact of globalization, and the woes that come along with it, better than this one. There are speakers from all over the world in this film. And amazingly, one of the primary actions against the damages of globilization, is local food systems. Thought provoking!